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Getting Started Part 2

Once your construction documents are completed, the driveway is built, and utilities are installed it's then time to start building. By this time we will have ordered your exterior doors and windows. Your timber package will be in production and any long lead time specialty items will be ordered. Excavating, footings and concrete form work will be first on the schedule. We will start to rough in your electrical, plumbing, HVAC, audio/video, etc. After your concrete is poured, we will start...

Getting Started Part 1

It takes an amazing amount of planning to produce a heirloom quality home. Long before anything is built on sight, we produce a 3-D Building Information Modeling document that is literally a computerized piece by piece model of the home. This model combines the architects drawings and any additional structural documents (such as timber drawings, steel drawings, HVAC, etc) into a master model that we use for construction. We produce this model in-house working with your architect and any additional...