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Getting Started Part 1

It takes an amazing amount of planning to produce a heirloom quality home. Long before anything is built on sight, we produce a 3-D Building Information Modeling document that is literally a computerized piece by piece model of the home. This model combines the architects drawings and any additional structural documents (such as timber drawings, steel drawings, HVAC, etc) into a master model that we use for construction. We produce this model in-house working with your architect and any additional subcontractors. 

Most of our problem solving is done during the modeling phase where it is easy to make changes. We save our clients thousands of dollars by eliminated costly site changes where an entire crew can get delayed waiting for answers.

We build houses that have never been built before, so pre-planning is essential. We are fortunate to have some of the best subcontractors in the state and we have built a relationship with them over the last thirty years.

Since most of our builds take a few years to complete and require unique and expensive components, it is critical that everyone involved has a complete understanding of the entire build process. For example a steel girder set in the wrong place can result in the need to make a major change a year later when the roof is installed. It is better to spend a little extra time planning ahead rather than a costly remodel later.

We do the really unique tasks ourselves, since they usually require the most time in pre-planning to get them right. Our guys have seen it all and are eager to tackle the most demanding task. Whether it’s working with 400 pound hand chiseled slate for a custom roof or scribing 100 year old oak timbers in place, our crew does it with precision.

We are constantly striving to improve the custom home build and we source many products to help facilitate a more cost effective way of building a one of a kind home.

The end result of all our planning and collaboration is a home that will last for hundreds of years and bring joy to families for generations to come.

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