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Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple…build the highest quality home in the most value oriented and efficient environment possible. To do this we incorporate the architectural construction documents with shop drawings for components such as timbers, steel and HVAC. This creates a 3-D master model that evolves with the project. We call this “Building Information Modeling” or (BIM).

BIM Incorporates All The Critical Design Elements Into One Drawing

What are the benefits of incorporating BIM into my project?

The benefits of BIM are visually connecting integral components (such as structural steel, structural timbers, HVAC, electrical, etc) into the design and workflow across the entire project lifecycle to realize smarter, more efficient and more cost effective ways of working, which result in better outcomes. The bottom lines is a hassle free, faster and better build.

Why is BIM important to me?

BIM allows us the flexibility to design smarter and more efficiently. With the rising cost of materials and labor, it is essential to keep unforeseen problems from arising on the job site. BIM results in a more efficient, less problematic project. Unforeseen problems and changes are caught early in the design phase instead of in the field where an entire crew can be shut down for days waiting for a solution.

It is Essential to Keep Unforeseen Problems From Arising on The Job Site

How is BIM used in residential design and construction?

Using BIM gives us greater visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable options, and more cost-saving options, during the planning phase resulting in a more efficient, better managed build. Building in 3-D allows us the ability to rapidly visualize problems, which are not normally seen in the planning phase. We can easily move walls, timbers, fireplaces, windows, etc in real time, which allows the design to remain flexible so that changes can be made early and less expensive compared to later in the project.

What is the difference between 3D CAD design and BIM?

The BIM process goes beyond 3D CAD geometry to incorporate the critical building components and their relationships with the architectural design resulting in a set of construction documents that are compatible and ready to build.